Our pastor

Early Life
Since her childhood, Rev.Dr Anupama Akkidas has always seen the presence of God move immensely in her life, starting right from her birth. She was born to her mother during her menopause state after many prayers, miraculously breaking the impossible barrier of science. When she was 4 years old, she received a prophecy from a man of God that she’d be a mother of the nations one day and started praying about it everyday and waiting for when it will truly come to existence. God had a wonderful plan planted in her life which was slowly unfolding as she grew more in him.

In her early days, She was only in her 7th grade when started her ministry as a Sunday School teacher at her hometown. Some of her students were older than her but God gave her the wisdom and authority to teach them in his love. This endeavor of her’s instilled not only the doctrines of the Lord in the kids but also nurturing their lives to grow and become powerful and successful believers in the future.

After finishing her Graduation, in the She went onto working with the TOP banking corporations in the Indian and World Banking Industry, Working as a Business development manager for the State Bank of India and also taking up a the Main Branch manager for the prestigious recruitment cell of  Standard Chartered Bank. She outperformed in a variety of banking sub sectors and went on to receive various performance awards, perks and applause from various major banking officials and pioneers. She was an efficient workaholic.

God’s Call
While she was at the pinnacle of her professional career with endless opportunities to choose from and with an extended lucrative paths in her sight, God called her to do his Ministry. It was a turning point in her life and yet she followed him and resigned her prestigious job position without any second thoughts. She never doubted him because she always believed that one day her time would come and her life will unfold according the masterful plan of God.

Though it was a tough journey in the beginning, She has never looked back. Today, Jehovah Jireh Ministries is an internationally operating ministry and is used by God as a channel to reach thousands of people and to preach the gospel and to follow Christ’s values to bring change in the lives of many people through his word. Pastor Rev.Dr.Anupama Akkidas validates that none of this was possible without the grace of God and she firmly believes that the what the future will unfold will be even greater by the love God to Glorify his kingdom even further.

All Glory To God.